When should I fertilize my lawn?


A key component of maintaining a lush, healthy yard is knowing when and how to fertilize it. Fertilizers can help your lawn grow healthier roots and take up nutrients that are not needed. You can have a lawn that’s the envy of your neighbors with a few simple steps.

When is it best to fertilize lawns?

The frequency you intend to fertilize your lawn will determine when it is best to do so. You should fertilize your lawn once a year around Labor Day. This is when lawns absorb the greatest nutrients. You can add another application in the middle of October for biannual fertilizing.

This timeline is subject to change depending on the climate and soil type. Adjust if your lawn does not retain enough nutrients. To help your lawn green up, you can apply half the amount of fertilizer to it in the spring.

When is the best time to fertilize lawns?

Fertilizing in morning is a good idea as it allows soil to absorb the most nutrients and soak up the morning dew. It also gives the soil the opportunity to take advantage of cooler temperatures. This is the best time. Apply fertilizer only on extremely hot days. Wait until the temperature drops to normal before applying fertilizer.

After fertilizing with a liquid treatment, you can mow at any time. Wait a few days before you apply a liquid fertilizer.

How Often Do You Fertilize Lawns?

Over-fertilizing can be a problem. Keep your lawn fertilized at a consistent rate of once per year. While fertilizer can be an important tool for keeping a lawn lush, healthy and beautiful, it can also pose environmental problems if it isn’t used properly. Each fertilizer has its own specifications and requirements. Make sure you read the label.

How to Choose the Best Fertilizer

The type of lawn you have and the end goal will determine which fertilizer is best for you. A product such as The Andersons 16-0-8 Fertilizer With Humic DG will make your lawn healthier and greener. It has methylene-urea, which will give your lawn a consistent feed for eight to ten weeks. It is also safe for pets.

Scotts Turf Builder Starter Feed for New Grass + Weed Prevention is an excellent choice to control weeds such as crabgrass. Consider an organic product when you are starting a lawn.

How weather changes timing

Apply fertilizer only after heavy rains or on hot days. Rain can wash away nutrients that your lawn needs to absorb. You should wait until it is dry and more temperate.

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