When is the best time to start mowing your lawn in spring?


You’re likely eager to start taking care of your yard, whether you have already maintained your lawn equipment and are looking for a new mower. Before you start mowing your lawn in spring, it is important to understand when the best time to do so. It’s more complicated than “when the grass begins growing”.

When can you start mowing your lawn?

The answer will vary depending on where you live and what type of grass you have, but the main indicator is how tall your grass. According to Pennington’s complete list, most grass cutting heights range between 2 and 3 inches. There are exceptions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the grass looks long.

Wait until it is warm enough to mow. You shouldn’t mow again if the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

What is the Ideal Height for Cutting Grass?

The type of grass you have will determine the height at which to cut it. You should maintain your grass at three inches length. The last cut of the season will reduce it to 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inches.

Too short a cut can cause soil damage and even injury to the lawnmower. Also, short grass will not block the sun as well, which can cause dry soil and dead patches.

Best Weather Conditions to Mow

It is generally not a good idea for wet grass to be cut after it has rained. Instead, mow when the sun is shining or the ground’s dry. There are several reasons why wet grass should not be mow. The grass underneath could be smothered if there are clumps of wet trimmings. The mower can become clogged if it is wet. This could cause it to heat up and stick to its underside. It is then difficult to clean. No matter how good your shoes are at gripping the grass, they can slip on it.

If the grass is still damp from dew, don’t mow it until the morning. Wait until the grass has dried. The best time to mow is in the evening, as it gives the grass the most sunlight.

What happens if it gets cold or snows again?

It can be unpredictable when spring weather arrives. It can be difficult to predict when the cold weather will pass. Before you mow your first spring lawn, temperatures should remain above 40 degrees F. If temperatures drop or there is frost, you should not mow again. Frosted or frozen grass can cause lawn damage and even death.

When is it best to water and fertilize your lawn?

Apply enough lawn fertilizer in spring to greenen your grass if you fertilize twice per year. You can add a third application in the middle to late spring with your crabgrass prepper. For most areas, the best time to fertilize is around Labor Day.

Properly watering your lawn is essential for lush appearance and feel. The amount of water you need and how often to water your lawn will depend on the soil moisture and grass type. The best time to water your grass is in the morning. The hottest hours of the day are the best for watering grass. This will limit hydration and allow too much water to evaporate. Watering at night promotes the growth and spread of harmful fungi.

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