The 4 Best Pressure Washers 2022


Pressure washers can remove dirt, mold, and other debris from sidings, driveways, walkways, and help restore their natural beauty. All pressure washers can clean your exterior. However, not all models have the same features. This Old House Reviews Team conducted extensive research to find the best pressure washers. These are our top picks.

The Best with Cleaning Solutions: Westinghouse Gas Powered Pressure Washer

This heavy-duty pressure washer by Westinghouse features a steel frame with 12-inch never-flat tires and five easily-connected nozzles. To make outdoor projects quick and easy, the integrated maintenance-free axial pump pumps provides 2.5 gallons per minute of soapy water.

The Key Features

  • 3.200 pounds per square inch (PSI), Pressure
  • 2.5 gallons per Minute (GPM)
  • Gas engine
  • 63 pounds
  • Five nozzle tips

What customers are saying

Customers stated that the pressure washer was sturdy and simple to assemble. Although the majority of the reviews were positive, some customers complained that the pressure washer was not as durable after just a few use. A few people complained that they didn’t get all the parts necessary for operation.

Sun Joe Electric High Pressure Washer – Best Accessories

Sun Joe pressure washer includes two removable detergent tanks, an extension wand measuring 34 inches and five spraynozzles to complete pressure-washing tasks. The pump automatically shuts off when the trigger is not engaged, which saves electricity.

The Key Features

  • Pressure of 2,030 PSI
  • 1.76 GPM flow rate
  • Electric motor
  • 31 pounds
  • Five nozzle tips
  • Warranty of two years

What customers are saying

This product was praised by reviewers for being quieter than other gas-powered products and also more eco-friendly. Customers were also pleased with how light, portable, and easy it was to assemble. Customers who were not satisfied with the product complained that it stopped working shortly after arriving. However, one customer suggested that they could fix this problem by using pump protector lubricant.

Simpson Cleaning MegaShot gas pressure washer

The Simpson gas-powered pressure washer comes with two 10-inch treaded tires that can be used to manage different landscapes. There is also a 25-foot hose for tough areas. This gas-powered pressure washer can reach a maximum pressure pressure of 3,200 PSI, and a maximum flow rate up to 2.5 GPM.

The Key Features

  • 3.200 PSI Pressure
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • Gas engine
  • 65 pounds
  • Five nozzle tips
  • Warranty of five years

What customers are saying

Average rating for the Simpson Cleaning MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer is 4.5 stars out 5 stars. This product has received 6,400 reviews. 88% gave it 4/5 stars, 10% gave it a 1-star, or 2-star rating.

Customers who were happy with their purchase stated that the pressure washer was powerful and allowed them to tackle any home project. Some customers were dissatisfied with the motor’s ability to leak oil or water.

Simpson Cleaning MegaShot gas pressure washer

Wholesun Electric Pressure Washer is the Best Electric Pressure Washer

This powerful electric pressure washer can spray water at up to 3000 PSI to clean your patio furniture, siding, driveway, and other areas. The pressure washer is lightweight and has two wheels.

The Key Features

  • Pressure up to 3,000 PSI
  • Flow rate of 2.4 GPM
  • Electric motor
  • 19 pounds
  • Four nozzle tips
  • Warranty of two years

What customers are saying

The electric pressure washer by WHOLESUN is rated an average of 4.3 stars out 5 stars. This product has received almost 3,500 reviews. 84% of these reviews are rated 4 or 5 stars. 11% have 1 to 2 stars.

Many users said the pressure washer performed better than their old gas-powered model. The machine was also very affordable. Some customers complained that the machine didn’t provide the promised pressure and others claimed that it leaked.

Buyer’s Guide

It is important to evaluate the impact of each model’s specifications and accessories on your experience with a pressure washer before you buy it. These are the four things to think about when buying a pressure washer.

Power Source

Gas- and electric-powered pressure washers can be used. While electric pressure washers are more powerful than gas-powered models, they also require more maintenance due to the oil consumption of their motors. The power cords of electric-powered pressure washers are lighter than gas and can be moved around more easily.


The PSI (pounds per square inch) is the measurement of how much water pressure the washer creates. The more powerful the pressure washer, the higher the PSI. The majority of pressure washers powered by gas are capable of producing around 3,000 PSI. Electric models can produce around 2,000 PSI.


A pressure washer’s weight directly impacts its portability. Gas-powered models weigh more than 50 pounds. This is why heavy-duty wheels are often included to facilitate transportation. Because electric pressure washers weigh less, they are equipped with smaller wheels or handles to make transportation easier.

Spray Nozzles

A pressure washer’s spray nozzles are usually color-coded to indicate a specific angle degree and water pressure. Red is the most common color for pressure washers. This is because it signifies the zero-degree spray nozzle. This sprays a direct stream of high-pressure water that can remove stains from hard surfaces like concrete.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pressure wash your car with a washer?

Yes. Yes. However, you need to use the correct pressure washer setting and pressure settings so you don’t damage or strip your car’s paint. A 2,000-PSI washer equipped with a 40° nozzle is usually sufficient to clean your car’s exterior.

What kind of fuel can I use for my gas pressure washer

To fuel your pressure washer, use fresh, unleaded gasoline that has a minimum octane value of 87. You shouldn’t use more than 10% of ethanol in your gas.

What is the best PSI for a pressure washer

It all depends on what job you are trying to do. A high-powered gasoline pressure washer with around 3000 PSI is recommended for cleaning siding and driveways. A lower-powered model with around 2,000 PSI will suffice for small jobs such as cleaning your patio stairs or your car.

How can you lower pressure washer PSI?

You can reduce the PSI of a pressure washer by increasing your distance from the material or switching nozzles. Because the water is less concentrated, nozzles with greater angles have lower PSI.

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