Kids to Camp

Kids to Camp

Our "Wednesday's Children" have faced some tough circumstances and missed out on many of the innocent joys of childhood, but it takes very little to help these victims of abuse glow with pride and excitement as their lives change for the better.  Summer camp is the prime example of this effect. By injecting some normalcy into their your lives, we can give these children positive experiences to draw from and build self-esteem.

The Joys of Summer Camp

       Photo by: vastateparksstaff
A gift of just $200 can help send a Wednesday’s child to summer camp which can lead to an increased feeling of confidence and self-worth and a sense of security and knowledge that someone does care about them. No matter their background, at camp our kids are just like their peers and for that precious week, their sole charge is to enjoy the very best that childhood has to offer.  But the impact extends beyond that special week... perhaps it is a new friendship; maybe strengthened skills on the soccer field or new found confidence on next year's cheerleading squad; or even just the absolute relief of having a story to tell when asked, "What'd you do this summer?"  Regardless, this is not an experience that will soon be forgotten.

How YOU can help

For just $200, you can help send a child to a day camp where he or she can be safe under the supervision of qualified staff and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of “just being a kid.”

Maybe you have a special memory from a camp you or your attended… you can sponsor a full camp experience designated to the camp of your choice.

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