Beyond the Classroom


Beyond the Classroom

Research and statistics show that positive experiences in a foster child’s life along with the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities with their peers strengthen emotional, social, and educational development. Beyond the Classroom supports foster youth’s participation in extracurricular and enrichment activities as well as recognizes special days in their life.

Enrichment and Extra-Curricular Activities

FWC supports opportunities for youth in foster care to participate in extra-curricular and enrichment activities such as dance, music, art, team sports,etc.

Driver's Education

Receiving a driver's license can help a young person gain independence and get to and from work as they get older and take on summer jobs, internship and volunteer.

Kids to Camp

Every summer, FWC sponsors scholarships for youth to attend summer camp at the camp of their choice. Summer Camp Applications open Monday, March 31st.  Camp applications will be mailed to CPS caseworkers and CPA case managers. Friday, April 25th is the Kids to Camp application deadline.

Birthday Memories

– provides a personalized birthday card and gift card to recognize their special day. Every month, FWC sends 70-100 personalized birthday cards with gift cards enclosed to children in foster care who are celebrating their birthday. To understand the process for submitting a request for the Birthday Memories or Beyond the Classroom Activities, please download our FWC Resource and Information Packet.    

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