In 1984, a group of golfing buddies and their wives wanted to have a golf tournament to raise money for charity. They had seen the Wednesday's Child segment on Channel 8, so they called Child Protective Services (CPS) to see if help was needed. It was then that they discovered that there were thousands of foster children with special needs that no one was helping to fulfill. From this defined need, the idea of an organization to provide assistance to foster children was born. The founders chose the name Wednesday's Child from the television program to describe who they were helping and added Benefit Corporation to describe how they helped— benefiting children in foster care. (We are not part of WFAA's Wednesday's Child program. Their worthy goal is to find adoptive homes for foster children. Friends of Wednesday's Child provides for all the children's unmet needs while they are in foster care.) Friends of Wednesday's Child began as a single fund-raising event with net proceeds of approximately $18,000. Over the years, it has grown to provide a much more substantial safety net of services for children in the protective custody of the State when other resources simply are not available. In the last five years alone, we have filled more than 25,000 requests and distributed more than $1.75 million in assistance. From the beginning, Friends of Wednesday's Child has aimed to make a significant impact on our local community by bringing hope and healing to these deserving children's lives. We have always been and continue to be the only organization that provides the assistance we provide to North Texas Foster children. We appreciate our rich history which is filled with special children and we look forward to assisting this underserved population for as long as there is a need.    

Thank Yous

  • I am writing on behalf of myself to say thanks for all you have done for me. It has been much appreciated. Thanks again for making life that much easier. Sincerely, Alex
  • Thanks for a relaxing week at Camp! The guys and I had a ball — skiing, fishing, the "blob". It was great! We truly appreciate your sponsorship. - Luke
  • Need contacts...I have a pair of glasses, but they are very ugly. Everyone tells me that they look okay but they are only trying to make me feel better. I haven't worn the things since I got them, and I won't ever. If I could I would feed them to my puppy dog. Signed, April
  • Thank you for my birthday money. I am going to buy me a bike. - Jacqui
  • Thank you very much for the money and thanks for the registration fee, softball glove and shoes. Thank you so much for everything you have done. I truly appreciate it very much. - Lara
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