What is a "Wednesday's Child"? By definition, a Wednesday's Child is a foster child that is in the custody of the state. Why do children end up in foster care? Children in foster care have been exposed to things that no child should even be aware of, let alone have first- hand knowledge of: abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual), neglectful supervision, medical neglect and/or abandonment. They have been removed from their biological homes by Child Protective Services (CPS) and because of the severity of the abuse, CPS has gone to court and had them legally removed from their biological parents and placed in foster care. These children have been ripped from everything familiar and are living with a foster family, or in a group home, an emergency shelter or a residential treatment facility. As a result, it is all the more important that they have the opportunity to enjoy normal childhood experiences, and things that help them heal the pain of their pasts. Is this organization the WFAA-TV Channel 8 program? While WFAA—TV's "Wednesday's Child" program and Friends of Wednesday's Child both help our region's foster children, they are separate organizations with different kinds of programs. The WFAA "Wednesday's Child" TV program helps find adoptive homes for foster children and Friends of Wednesday's Child provides for all their unmet needs while they are in foster care. These unmet needs include many of the things that establish a healthy, productive childhood; from tutoring to medical/dental care to summer camp to birthday gifts. To learn more about the children profiled on the WFAA Wednesday's Child spot please click here or call 1.800.233.3405. Which foster children do you serve? Friends of Wednesday's Child serves foster children in 19 North Texas counties including Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant. This area, designated as Region III by the state of Texas, is one of the smallest geographic regions; however, it has the highest population of children in care. Here in North Texas, one in every 207 children is a foster child. Does Friends of Wednesday's Child receive any United Way or government funding? Friends of Wednesday's Child does not receive any United Way or government funding. All funding comes from foundations, corporations and individual donors. Can I make sure that the money I send goes to a specific program? Yes, we can designate your gift toward a specific program if you wish. Please be sure to indicate this when making your payment. However, general gifts help us serve the specialized needs of individual children as they arise. Does Friends of Wednesday's Child take clothing, toys or furniture donations? In most cases, Friends of Wednesday's Child takes only monetary donations. This enables us to better serve the specific needs of individual children as they arise. How do foster children request and receive your services?
  • The CPS caseworker or placement agency worker submits a request to Friends of Wednesday's Child on behalf of a foster child on his or her caseload whenever state funding or other resources are insufficient to provide for childhood needs and experiences.
  • Friends of Wednesday's Child's Program committee ensures all requests fit into the scope of our mission, then work to get items and services donated or discounted to make the most of every dollar. Once a request is approved, a check is written to the service provider on behalf of the foster child.
Would the foster children receive these things if not for Friends of Wednesday's Child? On average foster parents spend $200 beyond the funds provided by the state on each foster child in their care each month. As a result, certain normal childhood needs or wishes may not be financially feasible. Friends of Wednesday's Child is here to bridge the gap and to ensure that these deserving children still have access to the same opportunities as their peers. As there are not any other additional agencies that provide this to support foster children, these needs would otherwise go unfulfilled. What are some examples of the things you fund for foster children? Please click here to see a list of our programs. How can I report child abuse? To report child abuse or neglect, call 1-800-252-5400 or go to https://www.txabusehotline.org How can I get involved? Friends of Wednesday's Child has many opportunities for people to get involved. Please click on the Volunteer page or Donate page to find out how.  

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