5+ Fun Outdoor Bar Ideas


Outdoor bars are the perfect addition to any backyard and the focal point of any summer party. These are some great ideas to get your party started.

Gazebo Bar

A gazebo is similar to a pergola and can be used as an outdoor bar area. Because of its hexagonal or octagonal design, this freestanding roof-covered garden structure is more columns than a pergola. The ceiling and columns of a gazebo are easy to decorate and personalize.

Pergola Bar

A pergola is a structure that consists of four columns and an open roof. It makes it easy to create a bar area. A pergola creates the illusion of an open space, giving it the feel of an outdoor room. You can then fill it with patio furniture and set up a bar counter. Some pergolas have a bar top built into the side.

Attractive And Unique Outdoor Wedding Bar Ideas
Attractive And Unique Outdoor Wedding Bar Ideas

Kitchen Window Bar

A counter can be installed outside of a kitchen window that faces the backyard. This is an easy way to make a bartop. This idea works in any yard and takes up little space. For pass-through convenience, you will only need a window that can open easily. The countertop is optional. The kitchen sink can double as a bar sink. It’s easy to clean up and prep.

Pushcart Bar

Ths Outdoor Bar Cart Has Fun Wrtten All Over T Decor
Ths Outdoor Bar Cart Has Fun Wrtten All Over T Decor

A push cart is a great option for outdoor bars that aren’t too permanent. There are many styles and designs to choose from. You can reuse a simple metal shelf with casters, or you can use a wicker storage container. You can also purchase a teak-wood cart specifically designed for this purpose. If you feel confident, build your own wooden pushcart, or turn an old sink into an outdoor bar.

Murphy Bar

A Murphy bar can be mounted on an exterior wall facing your backyard. This will save space. Similar to the murphy bed, the concept of the Murphy bar is to fold it against the wall when it’s not being used. A murphy bar is easy to store and will be a conversation starter!

Bar Shed

There have been many creative ways that people have repurposed their garden sheds. The “pub shed” is perhaps inevitable. To make the most of the outdoor space, you can use the shed as a bar.

You can make your outdoor bar stand out with fun and personal decor, no matter what style you choose. You can make your bar stand out with a unique theme or style, whether you prefer casual tiki, rustic farmhouse or industrial chic. Cheers!

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