10+ Reasons Why You Need a Stock Tank pool


These round, galvanized steel pool are making waves on social media, websites, magazines, and even in neighbor’s yards. Stock tank pools are an inexpensive and flexible way to install a pool in your backyard without having to borrow money. Find 14 reasons why a stock pool (also known as a cowboy pool or hillbilly pool), could be the right choice for your next outdoor project.

1. They don’t take up much space

Stock tanks typically measure 8 feet by 2 feet in size. Some models are smaller, measuring 6 feet by 6 feet. Others can reach 11 feet. You can place a tank on a patio, deck, or small yard. If you don’t want it to flood your home, don’t put it inside.

Making A Stock Tank Pool 7 Steps with Pictures
Making A Stock Tank Pool 7 Steps with Pictures

2. They have a down-home, farm connection

Stock stands for livestock, you know, cows. Stock tanks can be used to provide water for horses, cattle, goats, and even pigs. They are used by gardeners as large, raised containers to store healthy soil for vegetables, herbs, or flowers. The advantage of a raised container is that it can be elevated from the ground away from animals like squirrels and raccoons. These containers are also great for places where soil is not ideal.

3. They are built to last

Stock tanks should be able to withstand the elements, including rain, snow, wind and sun. Galvanized metal is resistant to rust and can be expected to last for many years.

Stock Tank Pools Let You Create A Backyard Oasis For Less
Stock Tank Pools Let You Create A Backyard Oasis For Less

4. They are very affordable

They aren’t as expensive as an inflatable kiddie pool but they’re not the best option. Stock tanks are a great alternative to above-ground and kiddie pools. They add beauty and appeal to your outdoor space, and can be hidden if you don’t like the look.

5. A DIY project that is easy to do

Don’t worry if you don’t have the skills or aren’t familiar with how to use a hammer, a hoe or a drill bit. You won’t have to do much. It all depends on whether you dig the hole and then sink it in the ground or build a deck around it for easy access. You need to understand the scope and your DIY skills, as well as the cost of decking, filtering or pergolas. Many DIY bloggers provide detailed instructions on their websites.

Galvanized Stock Tank Turned Into A Simple DIY Pool Eco
Galvanized Stock Tank Turned Into A Simple DIY Pool Eco

Sasha Eisenman is a fashion photographer who also owns a stock tank pool. He placed his tank pools on decks above ground to prevent desert debris from blowing into them. His advice? “Just remember to make sure your deck is strong enough to support the approximately 6,000 pounds of water inside that tank. That’s crazy-heavy. Make sure the decks are strong. The simplicity of the silver-metal tank and the DIY nature of it are all great qualities. It’s kinda cooler than a “real” pool in a sense.

6. They are easy to clean

Tank owners have come up all sorts of ways to maintain their pools. From attaching pond filters above-ground or regular pool filters to manually sweep with a net to regular draining, and refilling. Eisenman says that at first I used to drain my pool every day to keep it fresh. But with an 8-foot tank, this didn’t make sense. So, I eventually added a pump and filter unit. It was just trial and error. This worked well and, together with chlorine tabs & a hand net my tanks remain crystal clear throughout the summer.”

7. It’s Fun for All

DIY Stock Tank Pool Everything You Need To Know
DIY Stock Tank Pool Everything You Need To Know

A shallow pool is a great place to cool down for children. You must supervise your children at all times when they are in any water container or pool. In just a few inches of water, a child could drown. Your stock tank pool should have a cover that is secure and not easily broken by curious children.

Your spouse, partner, or some adult friends may join you at night to enjoy a fun evening drinking beer, looking up at the stars and moon, and just hanging out.

8. They are Trendy and Photogenic

9. They add style

10. They Can Keep Their Temperatures At The Right Level

If you have children, it is worth looking into making or finding a secure cover. Eisenman says that having a stock tank pool in the desert, where the summer highs are 100 to 110 degrees is a game-changer and life-saver. It is so refreshing to be able dunk in that pool. Amazingly, even in hot weather, the water stays cool because the silver reflects a lot of the sun. These are super refreshing for hot days.

11. They are easy to find

Behlen, Tarter and Hastings are all notable brands that make CountyLine.

12. They are versatile

Stock tanks aren’t limited to cowboys and hillbillies, despite their nicknames. Stock tanks can be industrial, rural, urban, farmhouse, boho or desert and many other styles.

13. They are easy to store

The tank can be drain and cleaned after swimming season is over.

14. They go wherever you go

You can bring your tank pool along with you if you move. Unless your design is so great that it helped you sell your house. Charles Crespi of Las Vegas recently sold his home. “The buyer loved the pool so it ended up staying,” he said. “Now that I have more space, I plan to do bigger things. Maybe I will use a heavy-duty pond liner or make it a freeform. There are many options.

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