10 Questions to Ask Before You Build a Swimming Pool


Before you start thinking about building a swimming pool, consider why you want one. This is a significant addition to your property and home, and an expensive investment that might not pay off. According to Home Advisor, the average range is between $38,707 – $69,656,

You might want to reconsider if your primary reason for purchasing a hot tub or pool is that your sibling, neighbour, or college roommate already has one. Planning, building, and maintaining a swimming pool or spa is not a whim or keeping-up-with-the-Joneses kind of purchase. The landscape of your outdoor living area is dramatically altered by it. You can make a lifestyle shift, but it is a good one. More entertainment, more fun with your family and more exercise.

Many pool and spa projects cost more than expected. Are you ready to make the leap? Before you start building a pool, here are some things to think about.

What are the benefits of a pool, spa, or hot tub?

For a “Getting in touch with my swimming pool needs and desires” session, gather your family, spouse, and all household members. Each person should list the reasons why they want a hot tub, spa or swimming pool. Every person, including the youngest, should be heard. You will be unable to live your life as usual after you build a pool.

What can I use it for?

Are you a keen swimmer and do you plan to swim laps? Your doctor recommended a hot tub or pool for therapeutic purposes. Are you dreaming of hosting guests around your pool? Are you thinking of your children? Consider who and what the pool will be used for in your household.

Which type of pool do I want?

There are many styles available, and you may not know about some of them. This is one of many fun parts of the project. It’s almost like going pool shopping. You can research books, magazines and online. Visit your home, garden, or patio show to see hot tubs and collect brochures.

What size and shape?

You are lucky if you own a large estate. The most important thing to consider is where you will place your spa or swimming pool on your large property.

It may be difficult for those with smaller yards to create a pool or spa that works in their outdoor spaces.

What is my budget?

Yes, that. Suppliers and pool builders love to tell customers that there is a pool for every budget. This is a great sales pitch but not the only one. A swimming pool is just like any other home improvement. The funds come from the same sources as for other home improvements, such as home equity accounts, credit lines, savings, inheritances, home loans, family and so on. It is unlikely that you will be able to finance it after a trip in Vegas, Atlantic City or to your nearest casino.

Expect it to cost you more than you expected or calculated, just like any home addition.

Maintenance: Do I do it myself or hire a pool pro?

Ah, maintenance. Maintenance includes heaters, chlorine, bromine and pumps as well as pool cleaners and test kits. Do you have the time and budget to maintain your pool? Are you able to afford to pay a pool maintenance company monthly? Find out the local rates for maintenance and learn about the costs involved in keeping a hot tub, spa or swimming pool clean.

Is this going to increase the value of my home?

In the past, everyone wanted their own backyard pool. Those who owned them soon found them difficult to maintain and repair. Many people left these obligations. Consider the cost of building, maintaining and fixing your home, as well as whether these costs will affect or increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell.

Is This My ‘Forever’ House?

Do you live in a place you want to stay? Are you transferring to another area because of a job? Before installing a pool, consider your long-term plans. Are you going to be living in the same home with the same yard so you can enjoy the pool’s benefits?

What time do I want it?

Do not plan a backyard wedding at home for more than six months after your pool’s construction began. Talk to potential contractors about the best months for construction and be realistic about how long it takes to build your pool.

Would I be happy using a community pool?

Have you thought about using a nearby pool if you are looking to build a pool for relaxation and swimming? You can join the local YMCA or a gym that has a pool. You don’t have to build or maintain a pool.

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