10+ Best Pergola Lighting Ideas


A pergola can add a stylish touch and style to your garden. Lighting is essential for entertaining guests or relaxing with loved ones.

Here are Simple Pergola Lighting Ideas

We have fourteen ideas that will transform your pergola into a stunning focal point in a matter of minutes.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are made of thin paper that is covered with a wire frame. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. They provide a soft glow that illuminates the surrounding area from the inside. Because they emit no heat, LED lights should be used with paper lanterns.

Curtain lights

Your pergola will be lit up with curtain lights. These lights will brighten up your pergola and make it a great place for an unforgettable night of entertainment. The perimeter beam at the top supports the curtain lights. It has strands made of LED lights that hang down to the ground.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles create a romantic atmosphere that can only be created by a flame. Pillar candles are also light because they are massed. This allows you to relax and enjoy the evening.

Hanging lanterns

There are many styles and sizes of hanging lanterns. You can either use solar-powered or electric bulbs to light them. Or, you can use candlelight. You will find them especially striking in colorful glass lanterns, which add a Moroccan touch to your decor.


Hang a chandelier from your pergola’s rafters to make a bold statement. Crystal chandeliers give off a formal, yet elegant look. Industrial-style fixtures are more casual. A chandelier above the table of your pergola can provide the ideal lighting for dinner or night games, whether it is electric or candlelit.

Sconces that can be mounted on the wall

Mount sconces outside the posts to illuminate your pergola’s perimeter with safety and style. There are many styles to choose from, including modern and traditional, as well as mid-century to contemporary designs. Electric-powered lighting is best for permanent illumination. Candle sconces are great for occasional lighting or to create the ambience that a flame provides.

Edison-Style String Lights

Edison-style string lighting is timeless and will appeal to everyone, no matter if you want a classic look or simple, elegant lights. Avoid fans and other lights by mapping the route you want the string of light to follow. Next, determine how many linear feet of string you will need. Then, purchase the number required to complete the length. Attach the beams to the staple gun using care to not staple through the wire.

Fairy String Lights

Fairy string lights create a romantic and ethereal ambience. These tiny LED lights, also known as rice lights or LEDs, can be added to pergolas by wrapping them around overhead beams. Divide the beam’s length in inches by the space between wraps to determine how many you will need. To find out how many light strands you will need, multiply that number by the beam’s circumference.

Decorative LED Table Lamps

Pergola lighting does not have to be hung from the top. For conversational seating, try decorative LED table lamps. These lamps come in a variety of styles and can be either solar- or battery-powered.

Stairway Lighting

Consider adding lighting to your pergola if it is high. You can choose from solar-powered or electrical lights. They’ll create the right mood and keep you safe.


A firepit can do more than provide light. The firelight brightens the space and gives it warmth. Gather around the fire with your family and friends when it is cold to share stories, sing, or simply enjoy the warmth.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can be used to brighten the pergola. It is a subtle way of adding light to your natural surroundings and safety by uplighting small shrubs or trees.


Consider lighting the pergola pillars in addition to landscaping. For different seasons, you might consider using colored bulbs. A warm shade in autumn, a blue in winter and a white in summer will set the mood for any event.

Smart Lighting

No matter what pergola lighting you choose – tech is always at your disposal. Smart plugs that are Bluetooth-enabled allow you to connect your lights to your WiFI network for easy smartphone operation. Other automizing options include occupancy, motion, timer, and voice activation.

You can make your pergola lights more manageable by placing switches near or on the pergola and within your home. For maximum flexibility, consider adding dimmer switches (if using LED bulbs), to ensure that they are dimmable. Lighting your pergola can set the tone for a relaxing evening, whether it’s direct, indirect, solar-, fire-, or electric.

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